DEADPOOL Official Trailer: “I’m Touching Myself Tonight”


I don’t need to say anymore. Click on the link and see for yourself. I just hope for the sake of this film and all things Marvel that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t fuck this one up too (see Green Lantern. Actually don’t. I still want my money and time wasted out of my life back from that one.). I actually like the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of Wade Wilson. Not their “Dead Pool“. He could’ve been pretty badass, but they went a little too far with their imagination and well, fucked that up.

Seeing as how this movie has been in the making for six years if not longer, 20th Century Fox has had plenty of time to get this thing right. From what I’ve seen from this trailer, the (un)official San Diego Comic-Con trailer, and the leaked footage also from SDCC, there may be some overkill with the violence (which wouldn’t be DEADPOOL without it), will be a decent movie. Ok, it’s going to be pretty epic. Please Fox, do not fuck this up.

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Man Of Steel Has Its Batman: Ben Affleck

I know……..I know. Well actually I DON’T know.

The upcoming sequel to the hit movie Man Of Steel will in fact feature Batman is slated to hit theaters in 2015 and has everyone on their heels and at the edge of their seats with anticipation, waiting on what is to be one of the greatest super hero team up movies in history. No matter what movie came before it or what movie comes after, a movie featuring two of the most iconic figures in history, not just comics, but in all of history……..there’s almost not a screen big enough to hold that much awesomeness. I could only imagine what it felt like in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con when the Batman-Superman logo came onto the screen. Crowd roaring. People literally losing their minds then with anticipation. Coming off a not too surprising showing in theaters with Man Of Steel, the only thing that hasn’t been done is this.

8_23_2013 5_23_16 AM_jpg

Then Warner Bros. went and killed any hope of anticipation for the movie when they decided to give the iconic role of Batman to Ben Affleck. When this was announced it was received the same way. Crowds roaring. People literally losing their minds. Not with anticipation, but with disbelief mixed in with about an ounce if irritation, and a little bit of rage.

Obviously director Zack Snyder didn’t see Daredevil.

Don’t get me wrong, Ben Affleck is a good actor. He’s been apart of some great movies. He’s a good writer. One thing he’s not……Bruce Wayne.

I don’t want to go into the Daredevil movie because I don’t want to demean him or the movie, but I will say it could have been a lot better, which is a good reason I’d like to see a reboot of the movie made with someone that would do Matt Murdock some justice. But this……this monstrocity of a casting, feels a lot like George Clooney’s version of Batman, instead of going with a more modern, less cartoon-ish Batman, like Chris Nolen’s version portrayed by Christian Bale.

In the 90’s versions of Batman, post Michael Keaton, the movies were saved by soft rock bands versions of title songs and actors who were “hot” (meaning actors who were at the time being sought after for EVERY movie) at the time and focused more on selling merchandise than actually selling the movie.I believe more money was made off soundtrack sales than actually ticket sales. I hate to admit it, but this whole Affleck being Batman thing has that same kind of feel to it. The worst part is, he isn’t marketable as the Bat. No one and I mean no one looks at him and thinks “Oh he’d be perfect as Bruce Wayne”. Not only that, but his last super hero performance help generate the equally bad movie Elektra as a spin off from Daredevil, and ruin any chance of her returning as a character in a super hero film (even though I believe Jennifer Garner would have made a decent Jean Grey in the X-Men trilogy).

Maybe I’m wrong about this. Hopefully I am. I was wrong about Henry Cavill when I heard he was going to play Superman. I believe the recreated origin story saved that movie and I’m sure there will be hours of footage an extra scenes that were left out of the movie available when the Blu Ray/DVD/3D/Ultraviolet/Digital Copy/Digital Comic and whatever else that comes with it upon its release. But I’m crossing my fingers that Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder knows what they’re doing and that with Ben Affleck, they won’t f___ this up.
What do you think about Ben Affleck becoming Zack Snyder’s Batman? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

Marvel Characters That Need To Make A Comeback Part II: Patriot


Elijah Bradley wasn’t just the average teen. He wanted to be a hero. And when Iron Lad came from the future looking for a now AWOL Josiah X, Eli jumped on the chance. Calling himself Patriot and honoring his grandfather, Isaiah Bradley, or the FIRST Captain America as he likes to call him, made a costume designed close to the original Bucky Barnes‘ but wanted to honor his grandfather so he uses a shield that was modeled after Isaiah’s.


The Young Avengers, led by Patriot, went through tremendous battles with Captain America and others from the original Avengers, coming out victorious. But during the story line from Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade, Patriot led a mission to help find Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, and ended up in battle with none other than Doctor Doom. This battle led to countless losses, including two members of the Young Avengers, Cassie Lang aka Stature, and The Vision. The loss of Cassie also hurt Iron Lad emotionally, and led him on his ultimate fate of going back into the time stream and eventually becoming Kang The Conqueror. This left the surviving members Hawkeye, Speed, Hulking, and Wiccan in flux. Eli decides to leave the Young Avengers and the rest were eventually invited to join the Avengers.



A few years after those events a new group of Young Avengers has emerged ( Miss America Chavez, Hawkeye, Hukling, Marvel Boy, Wiccan, and a child version of Loki), with no Patriot or Speed. Thomas Shepherd, aka Speed, is still with the Avengers, but what happened to Eli? He said he was moving to Scottsdale to live with his mother, but with a personality like his, one has to wonder, what has he been up to?

Patriot is one of those characters that could be in the same position as Ultimate Comics version of Spider-Man is in. Miles Morales has the job of filling the shoes of one of the greatest heroes of all time, while dealing with life as a teenager. Peter Parker is a tough act for anyone to follow, but Steve Rodgers? The name even says Captain America. Those boots are impossible.

What would a young person do after giving up a mantle? What would that particular person do after “retiring” from something not only that they loved to do, but love to it at a young age? That type of adrenaline rush is hard to fill. I wonder what Eli Bradley’s story would be if Marvel decided to bring him back. Better question, how would I bring him back into the Marvel Universe?

My possible story line for Eli Bradley

Eli joins his mother in Scottsdale, NY and begins his new life with his mother. He graduates from high school and decides that he wants to attend college, get a degree in creative writing, study criminal justice, and maybe become a police officer. After he enrolls in school, he instantly becomes bored with it. One night while doing his homework, Eli is having trouble focusing because he keeps reliving his time as a Young Avenger in his mind. He’s so sidetracked that he takes a break from his studies and turns on the news. He sees some super-powered crimes going on. In one segment, he sees the NEW Young Avengers. Headlining them on the news is Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye. Eli gets a little jealous and turns off the TV.

That same night, Eli decides to go for a walk through downtown New York City. While out, he’s very angry and cussing the members of his old team, maybe out of jealousy. Not paying attention, he unintentionally interrupts a mugging in process (cliche’, I know). In the act of apprehension, he realizes that the mugger is a mutant with the power to make copies of himself, like Jaime Maddrox aka Multiple Man. Eli fights the copies and the original gets away.

Haunted by the fact that the mugger got away, Eli decides to come out of retirement. He moves into a studio apartment in the city and off campus. Instead of becoming the “Next Captain America”, he decides to become the first Patriot. He redesigns his costume and sets out on new adventures as his alter ego.

What do you think? Should Marvel bring back Patriot? Do you even care? Is there another character not seen in the Marvel Universe in a while that you’d like to see make a comeback? Leave a commet below and share your thoughts!

Movie Review: Man Of Steel

This has been the hardest anything I’ve ever written. Not because I was conflicted about the movie. In fact I loved the movie. I don’t see how anyone could not absolutely LOVE this movie. But I can’t help thinking about climatic parts during the movie and hearing the aggressive riffs but beautifully appropriate and placed accordingly score by Hans Zimmerman playing in my head that made those scenes more dramatic, more eccentric, more relatible if you could believe it. That just may have made the movie more than the acting did. Before I get into acting and how authentic the actors were in their roles, one thing that separates this Superman movie compared to the other Superman movies was how real this movie was. Of course there were scenes in the movie that keep it that way, just a movie, but the realistic absolution of the outcomes are as real as you can expect. This is not your mom and dad or even  your grandma and grandpa’s Superman movie. A lot of critics that didn’t like the movie probably were waiting for the wholesome, Christopher Reeves-esque, feel good story Superman to appear, and when he didn’t, it left some of the fanboy purist awestruck with disappointment. One of the best spectacles about this movie is the acting. Well, most of it.

Henry Cavill’s portrayal was as accurate a 21st century Clark Kent as you’re going to get. He did more than nailed it, he was…is Clark Kent. The realism he brought to the character really helped to understand what he was going through as he goes through the manifestation of his abilities and later on understanding how and when to use them, even though he had his moments when he couldn’t help the “human rationale” side of him, which also helped establish his humanity.


Clark Kent’s journey into manhood you could tell was definitely influenced by his father, Jonathan Kent, played by Kevin Costner. He bounced from job to job, giving assumed identities to protect himself and his family so that if he were ever put in a situation that compromised is anonymity, he could move on without notice. Not being in the spotlight, appearing unpretentious with a small town demeanor. Clark never publicly got into trouble and let his “adversaries” believing they have had their way, but always making his presence felt by either walking away or taking a man’s semi truck and driving electrical poles through it. Cavill displayed this version of Clark’s confusion, frustration, relief, and satisfaction in true, realistic form throughout the entire movie. I was surprised by his performance to the point I was shocked by how well he fit his role. Some actors are made to fit into certain characters and Cavill’s portrayal of this modern-day Clark Kent was perfect.


Michael Shannon’s General Zod was a lot better than expected. General Zod’s whole demeanor was “Krypton or F-you” throughout the movie, from start to finish. His personal mission was to preserve the existence of Planet Krypton no matter what the cost. He proved that while talking with Jor-El and the council in the beginning and with Kal-El until the end. Shannon’s portrayal of Zod was a solid one, but doesn’t quite grasp the viewer, but I don’t think it’s his fault. Sometimes you just get shown up by the woman.


One of the baddest baddies I’ve ever seen in a movie period, with not many lines. Every movie has that side villain that steals a little of the spotlight while the main bad guy is doing his thing and Antje Traue with her portrayal of Faora was just that. Her cold-hearted performance as General Zod’s number two was perfect. There’s no other way to describe it.  Faora’s display of how lethal she could be for the good of her mission was true to form in Man Of Steel. Faora adapted to her new found abilities on planet Earth rather quickly and was more than willing to show the people of Earth how inferior they were when compared to Kryptonians. Faora was cold. Calculating. Always had a strong presence. Every time she was on screen there was an edge of your seat feel because you never knew what she was going to do next. Traue made Faora legendary in my eyes and no one could have been done any better. If you can’t tell now, by the end of this review you’ll see she was my favorite character.

Which unfortunately brings me to Amy Adams’ portrayal of Lois Lane.

I’m not sure if it was because of how the film was suppose to fit the modern-age, but this version of Lane was a little too…nice. loislaneMOS_fbuAnd not taking anything away from Adams because I think she’s a great actress, but for the anyone who knows Lois Lane knows that she has a few qualities about her that have to be displayed. Lois is sassy, edgy, a bit of a smartass, can be somewhat pushy, and a “won’t take no for an answer” type journalist. Very strong personality. Even when she was throwing her theoretical penis around she still didn’t give us a “strong” version of Lois. Albeit an ok showing, she just didn’t pull off Lois Lane.

I had a growing speculation that I would hate Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent, respectively. When the casting of this movie was released I had the “Oh God NOOOO!!!” reaction to it. They made it work.

jonathanmarthakentMOS_fbuCostner portrayed Jonathan as more of a country boy that liked to work on his truck while giving his son life lessons on how to protect himself and his family by keeping his powers a secret. Martha Kent was the mom that would do anything to protect her son and no matter how powerful he may be or would become, Clark would always be her little boy. In most movies when the protagonist has to have a moment of reckoning it usually comes when a violent crime happens, but Clark’s moment came when his father had to show him that he would do anything to protect his son, even if it meant making the ultimate sacrifice (potential spoiler if you haven’t seen it already!). Costner and Lane made the Kent’s believable as a down-to-Earth loving farm couple and not an artificial Hollywood-made couple that lived on a farm. We’ve seen enough of those.

Probably the most underrated and maybe the glue that puts the movie together was co-star  Dylan Sprayberry as young Clark Kent. This kid may have been the most important actor in the movie not named Henry Cavill. Every kid that goes through growing up has trying times as a teenager, and everyone has had that moment when after all those years your parents taught you restraint, patience, and perseverance goes out the window because you get faced with a choice you have to make that compromises everything they taught you. dylansprayberryMOS_fbuSprayberry’s portrayal of young Clark Kent was vital in matching with grown Clark Kent. One of the hardest tasks is to have chemistry between the story and the actors in the story when it’s technically “not their time” during a movie and making the movie gel. Sprayberry made you believe Clark was vulnerable while not disappointing his parents trying to do the right thing by them, but also doing what he thought was right even though he had the powers of a god in his young age. He was spectacular as young Clark Kent. His portrayal also gave you a sense of what kind of parents Jonathan and Martha were to Clark for him to respond to certain situations as he did.

One of the most anticipated notions about Man Of Steel was how would the action scenes fair with not only other Superman films, but with the super hero genre period. That was answered and THEN some. Throughout the film there was the indication the indication that the action scenes with the main bad guys would be a little subtle, maybe short action scenes because back in the Reeves era Superman there were limited battles and in Superman Returns you could argue that there really were no action sequences that showcased Superman’s actual power. In this film you could almost argue that the apocalypse came. Don’t get me wrong, the action was intense. There were a lot of moments where I thought I was going to get hit with the side of a building or an exploding vehicle. Without giving away the scenes, I will say Snyder over did it a little. Some would say a lot. You just get the insinuation that everyone’s dead while Superman fights off the villains and that’s not the case.

All in all, I loved the movie. If there was such a thing as a great launching pad movie for a series, this would be the greatest launching pad movie to a series of all time. I believe Snyder is taking Superman in the right direction. I’m not crazy about the new Superman costume, but I’ll grow to love it if I have to. This movie is a must see, twice, and a must own when it comes out on blu ray and DVD. Make sure you get the combo packs full of extras. 8.5 out of 10.

Greatest Father’s Day Gift EVER!

I was online reading a lot of reviews for the upcoming Man Of Steel movie and wondering what I could do to get my own review of the movie up. There are a lot of bias and unbiased reviews out where a lot of them don’t really trash the movie, but don’t really praise it. Some were worried about what the casual fan would think about the movie seeing as the “casual” fan doesn’t truly care, just as long as the movie is great. Whereas the “Fanboy (or girl) that follows comics and the superhero genre altogether would have to compromise on a story that may be a little off from the original Superman story line.

Well, I can say this…..I’ll be able to give you my take on the movie because my son just gave me the Ultimate Father’s Day gift! we’ll be going to the early premiere of Man Of Steel! I haven’t stopped smiling yet! Thumba_2013-06-12_21-14-10_jpg

Love you son! I’ll let you guys know how good (or bad, but I highly doubt it) the movie is in my official review right after the movie. I love me son. You should love him too.