Marvel In Talks With Beyonce’ About Role In Their Cinematic Universe

As many of you probably know by now, music icon and reigning queen of R&B singer Beyonce’ is in talks to play a beyonce.fbucharacter in Marvel Entertainment’s ever growing cinematic universe. Marvel’s got so many “Phases” I can’t keep up but with the upcoming movies and television series, they’re going to need all the star power they can get because ten moves in five years is a lot of movies, not to mention Marvel’s Netflix series Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders AND season 2 of Agent Carter and season 3 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. basically all tying together. There hasn’t been any report of which movie or series she’ll be seen in or which character she’ll play, but there has been a TON of speculation to the “Who, What, Where, and When”. The “Why” is already been answered. It’s Beyonce’. Why not?

And here, there’s no difference. We’ve pondered and been in deep thought as to which character(s) she will play and which character(s) she SHOULD play. There have been a few generic, mainstream-esque answers to the question, but there are a few characters on Marvel’s roster that should get some consideration for the upcoming movies set to come out. Sure, most comic book super Fanboys (and girls) and geeks will know as soon as her story name will be mentioned, but the average movie goers can be introduced to some pretty grounded characters with deep-roots in the MU that deserve some screen time.

Without further a-do, here are a few characters we think should get some mention for Beyonce’ and which movies they may end up in and in no particular order:

Medusa – Marvel’s Inhumans (2019)

From what I’ve read and been told, the synopsis for the Inhumans movie is they get mad so they decide to blow shit up. I completely made that up. No one knows the actual synopsis outside of it’s going to be the reason Black Bolt becomes a household name. Again, I completely made that up. But if the Queen B portrays the Inhuman queen in the movie, they’ll both be household names and more.

Medusalith Amaquelin, better known as Medusa, is the queen of the a race of beings known as Inhumans. With The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver being introduced as Inhumans in Avengers: Age of Ultron the medusa.fbuterm has already been introduced (the term Inhuman was also mentioned on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. during the latter part of season two. If you haven’t see it yet shame on you). There’s a ton of backstory involving her, but what it will mean to the MCU we won’t know until the movie(s) come out. Powered with a skill set that is on par with Captain America, Medusa’s main asset, much like her mythological counterpart, is her hair. Medusa possesses psychokinetic manipulation that allows her to lift up to 1 TON and through her psychokinesis she can make her hair do amazing things. Even shuffle a deck of cards ( stole that one so what).

Medusa’s biggest claim to fame has been the better half of the King of the Inhumans, but she has also had many adventures involving the Fantastic Four.

Madame Web – Marvel’s Spider-Man (2017)

madamweb.fbuI’ll be honest. This movie has been a long time coming. Well, a Marvel Entertainment version has been anyway. This may be the most anticipated Marvel movie of all-time, because it’s coming FROM Marvel. No one knows how this movie is going to play into the current MCU, but I can tell you right now it will be pivotal. I believe that one unexpected angle that could be thrown in there is with Madame Web. Every hero needs it’s own version of Madame Web, even if it’s just to give them some kind of useful, riddle-laden, information that could lead you on the right path….. or be yours and the world’s demise. Or interesting conversation if nothing else.

Julia Carpenter is the second incarnation of Madame Web. Tricked into being apart of an experiment that gave her powers similar to Spider-Man, Julia was given the persona Spider-Woman, though she worked mainly on the West Coast. After being captured by the family of Kraven the Hunter, Julia was imprisoned with the original, but dying due to her injuries Madame Web. In her final act, she transferred her powers to Julia, causing her to become the new Madam web, but costing her physical eyesight in the process.

As Madame Web, Julia can see all the threads on the “Web of Life” and can be a voice of reason or a “physical conscious” for Peter to guide him morally in the right direction as Spider-Man. What teenage boy wouldn’t listen to Beyonce’ as a voice of reason and guidance?

White Tiger – Marvel’s Black Panther (2018) / Jessica Jones (2015)

avaayla.fbuWhile there’s no official synopsis of this movie yet, there has been speculation that this movie will involve T’Challa becoming Black Panther and King of the mystical land of Wakanda through his father’s brutal murder. On top of that, what we know officially about White Tiger is that she has no affiliation with Black Panther. But, you could always add a strong female character in a movie like this one.

Ava Ayala gets her power from a family amulet called the Amulet of Power and gives her the ability to become White Tiger. She has heighten levels in speed, strength, stamina, balance, agility, dexterity, endurance. coordination, and superhuman martial arts skills. She also has razor sharp claws. While she has no affiliation with Black Panther, she does have a connection with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones‘ husband through the Mighty Avengers street level initiative. Until the world ended in Secret Wars.

Captain Marvel – Marvel’s Captain Marvel (2018)

captainmarvel.fbuCarol Danvers is a strong female character within the Marvel Universe, and this role is not one to take lightly in my opinion. Involuntarily bestowed with the powers while being held hostage by the Kree Empire. While taking on the moniker Ms. Marvel, Carol proved through numerous battles alongside various Marvel team ups with the likes of the Avengers and Spider-Man that she was more than just a sidekick-type hero. During a battle with the Absorbing Man, Captain America gave called her Captain Marvel because of her leadership and the fact that he knew she would carry on the name of her predecessor Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel, without disappointment.

Captain Marvel possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and the ability of flight. I’ll be honest, whoever plays her in a movie fans will love her. She very well could be the most relatable character in the Marvel Universe and I’m sure she’ll make an appearance in at least four of the upcoming movies.

Who do you think Beyonce’ should be in the MCU? Who should she play? Comment below and tell me your take.

Justice League Movie – Does DC Even Need One?

An accident waiting to happen.
If there were any other justifiable analogy to go with the supposed upcoming Justice League Movie it would have to be this one. I’ve tried to research the films. The characters. The television shows. Even the comics. Everything has evolved so much within the last two years, or as recently as the latest Batman movie franchise that a Justice League movie in the making right now just doesn’t make sense. I mean, DC Comics has just released another origin story for the Superman character and didn’t just kill Batman, they nuked him with an Atom bomb. Not too many people without some kind of regenative super power comes back. Even though for the new Batman/Superman movie Warner Bros. is reportedly offering Christian Bale $60 million to reprise the role of the Batman.

That my friend(s) in my opinion is bad for business.

With the Justice League in a cinematic format, the characters would have to have time to be originated into the universe of characters to build some kind of fan base to come see a film that have a lot of high profile characters with no cinematic origin story. That alone could doom the movie. Add in to the fact that with DC’s New 52 era of their character franchises, they’ve added in new origin stories for most of their mainstream characters with the release of the #0 issues in the middle of their respected series just to introduce their characters’ new origins. Now, DC has to plan on introducing another variation of the origins just to introduce the Justice League, unless they plan to introduce the characters already established into the league. Without that, you get Superman, Batman (after having just been blown up), and Green Lantern. The success of the CW series Arrow could resonate a rendition of the character Green Arrow (would they call him Green Arrow or just Arrow? Who knows).

I don’t believe DC or the film makers in Hollywood should rush to make a Justice League movie or make one at all just because they feel like one could succeed based off the success of Marvel’s The Avengers. Their model for an ultimate team up style movie was years in the making, and did more than add a poster or an Easter egg to include other characters within the Marvel Universe and incorporate them in to their movies.

What do you think about a Justice League movie? Do you believe DC Comics needs to make one? Would you go see one if there was one made? Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about a Justice League movie!

New Thor: The Dark World Movie Poster (photo)

Marvel has unveiled the first poster for the new movie Thor: The Dark World. The story is set in the aftermath from Marvel’s The Avengers movie left off. Malekith the Accursed is set to bring darkness to Asgard leading an army of Dark Elves. After the attack on Asgard, Malekith sets his sites on The Nine Relms and starts with Earth. With many casualties as a result of the attack, Thor has to travel through the relms  to defeat him. He realizes the only way to defeat Malekith  and  his army is by teaming up with his brother Loki, the god of Mischief. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Rene Russo, Stellan Skarsgard, Jamie Alexander, and expect to see Stan Lee in there somewhere. In theaters November 8, 2013. thorthedarkworldposter_fbu

Marvel Characters That Need To Make A Comeback Part I: Sentry


Sentry was suppose to be Marvel’s version of Superman.  He had every ability you could ask for: flight, invulnerability, telekinesis, the power of “a million exploding suns”. He also had a an alter ego, and was his own worse enemy.

While he was in high school, Robert was accidentally empowered by a serum created by a man called The Professor, giving him superpowers. After he beat up a bully, Robert went home, created a costume, and became Sentry, The Golden Guardian of Good. He was accompanied by CLOC,  an organic computing system that uses mathematics and logistics to help Sentry strategically deal with disasters that are threatening the Earth. He was definitely one of Earth’s mightiest champions.

Sentry’s weakness was his other forms: he was actually three entities sharing one body. Robert, Sentry, and Sentry’s nemesis, The Void, who believed he was the most powerful of the three. Whenever Sentry would use his power he would become obsessed from it, almost becoming addicted to it. But the more power he uses the more The Void would manifest, and become more powerful.


During the events leading up to the Siege storyline, The Void confronted Robert’s wife Lindy. She felt threaten, and picked up a gun and shot him in the face. After Sentry came and confronted The Void, Sentry flew to the sun telling The Void that he was going to end them for her safety. Lindy begins to have a conversation with CLOC and reveals Sentry’s true origin. She reveals that Robert’s transformation was due to his drug addiction at an early age,  and he and a friend broke into a lab to steal equipment and any drugs they could so they could manufacture methamphetamines. Robert, not knowing what it was, saw the opportunity to test some of a formula that was cooking and decided to take it because he needed a fix. Instead, Sentry was born, and with the help of Reed Richards, he was able to cure one addiction, but because of his addiction to the power he became addicted to himself.


Norman Osborn devised a plan to take control of Sentry. He ordered Bullseye, now posing as Osborn’s version of Hawkeye, to kill Robert’s wife Lindy. Osborn staged an attack on Avengers Tower and had the building evacuated. Hawkeye took Lindy off in a helicopter and killed her over the ocean.


After the “attack” was taken care of, everyone came back except Lindy, which sends Sentry into a panic. Hawkeye tells him that Lindy told him that she couldn’t handle being his wife anymore because she was afraid of him, and jumped out of the helicopter and committed suicide. This sent Sentry on a rage, but allowed Osborn to manipulate him into controlling him.

After the “attack” was taken care of, everyone came back exept Lindy, which sends Sentry into a panic. Hawkeye tells him that Lindy told him that she couldn’t handle being his wife anymore because she was afraid of him, and jumped out of the helicopter and commited suicide. This sent Sentry on a rage, but allowed Osborn to manipulate him into controlling him.

In the Siege storyline, Osborn hatched a plan with Loki to take down Asgard. During the battle, Osborn unleashed Sentry on the city and he tore right through it. Aries realized this was all Osborn’s doing, decided to attack Osborn. He had warned him before that if Osborn had planned this he would take his head off. Osborn tells Sentry to attack Aries. Not only does he defeat the god of War, but he rips him in half on live television.

sentryvsaries_fbu sentryvsaries2_fbu

This battle was eventually won by the Avengers and resulted in Robert Reynolds asking for them to kill him. Thor struck him with lightning, wrapped up the remains in his cape, and floated him into the sun, and he was gone.

It was really a sad way for Sentry to go, but because he has regenerated after seemingly being dead before, comic readers believed he would have resurfaced by now. Even if Marvel decides to keep Robert Reynolds dead, they should consider bringing Sentry back.