Man Of Steel Has Its Batman: Ben Affleck

I know……..I know. Well actually I DON’T know.

The upcoming sequel to the hit movie Man Of Steel will in fact feature Batman is slated to hit theaters in 2015 and has everyone on their heels and at the edge of their seats with anticipation, waiting on what is to be one of the greatest super hero team up movies in history. No matter what movie came before it or what movie comes after, a movie featuring two of the most iconic figures in history, not just comics, but in all of history……..there’s almost not a screen big enough to hold that much awesomeness. I could only imagine what it felt like in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con when the Batman-Superman logo came onto the screen. Crowd roaring. People literally losing their minds then with anticipation. Coming off a not too surprising showing in theaters with Man Of Steel, the only thing that hasn’t been done is this.

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Then Warner Bros. went and killed any hope of anticipation for the movie when they decided to give the iconic role of Batman to Ben Affleck. When this was announced it was received the same way. Crowds roaring. People literally losing their minds. Not with anticipation, but with disbelief mixed in with about an ounce if irritation, and a little bit of rage.

Obviously director Zack Snyder didn’t see Daredevil.

Don’t get me wrong, Ben Affleck is a good actor. He’s been apart of some great movies. He’s a good writer. One thing he’s not……Bruce Wayne.

I don’t want to go into the Daredevil movie because I don’t want to demean him or the movie, but I will say it could have been a lot better, which is a good reason I’d like to see a reboot of the movie made with someone that would do Matt Murdock some justice. But this……this monstrocity of a casting, feels a lot like George Clooney’s version of Batman, instead of going with a more modern, less cartoon-ish Batman, like Chris Nolen’s version portrayed by Christian Bale.

In the 90’s versions of Batman, post Michael Keaton, the movies were saved by soft rock bands versions of title songs and actors who were “hot” (meaning actors who were at the time being sought after for EVERY movie) at the time and focused more on selling merchandise than actually selling the movie.I believe more money was made off soundtrack sales than actually ticket sales. I hate to admit it, but this whole Affleck being Batman thing has that same kind of feel to it. The worst part is, he isn’t marketable as the Bat. No one and I mean no one looks at him and thinks “Oh he’d be perfect as Bruce Wayne”. Not only that, but his last super hero performance help generate the equally bad movie Elektra as a spin off from Daredevil, and ruin any chance of her returning as a character in a super hero film (even though I believe Jennifer Garner would have made a decent Jean Grey in the X-Men trilogy).

Maybe I’m wrong about this. Hopefully I am. I was wrong about Henry Cavill when I heard he was going to play Superman. I believe the recreated origin story saved that movie and I’m sure there will be hours of footage an extra scenes that were left out of the movie available when the Blu Ray/DVD/3D/Ultraviolet/Digital Copy/Digital Comic and whatever else that comes with it upon its release. But I’m crossing my fingers that Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder knows what they’re doing and that with Ben Affleck, they won’t f___ this up.
What do you think about Ben Affleck becoming Zack Snyder’s Batman? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

Justice League Movie – Does DC Even Need One?

An accident waiting to happen.
If there were any other justifiable analogy to go with the supposed upcoming Justice League Movie it would have to be this one. I’ve tried to research the films. The characters. The television shows. Even the comics. Everything has evolved so much within the last two years, or as recently as the latest Batman movie franchise that a Justice League movie in the making right now just doesn’t make sense. I mean, DC Comics has just released another origin story for the Superman character and didn’t just kill Batman, they nuked him with an Atom bomb. Not too many people without some kind of regenative super power comes back. Even though for the new Batman/Superman movie Warner Bros. is reportedly offering Christian Bale $60 million to reprise the role of the Batman.

That my friend(s) in my opinion is bad for business.

With the Justice League in a cinematic format, the characters would have to have time to be originated into the universe of characters to build some kind of fan base to come see a film that have a lot of high profile characters with no cinematic origin story. That alone could doom the movie. Add in to the fact that with DC’s New 52 era of their character franchises, they’ve added in new origin stories for most of their mainstream characters with the release of the #0 issues in the middle of their respected series just to introduce their characters’ new origins. Now, DC has to plan on introducing another variation of the origins just to introduce the Justice League, unless they plan to introduce the characters already established into the league. Without that, you get Superman, Batman (after having just been blown up), and Green Lantern. The success of the CW series Arrow could resonate a rendition of the character Green Arrow (would they call him Green Arrow or just Arrow? Who knows).

I don’t believe DC or the film makers in Hollywood should rush to make a Justice League movie or make one at all just because they feel like one could succeed based off the success of Marvel’s The Avengers. Their model for an ultimate team up style movie was years in the making, and did more than add a poster or an Easter egg to include other characters within the Marvel Universe and incorporate them in to their movies.

What do you think about a Justice League movie? Do you believe DC Comics needs to make one? Would you go see one if there was one made? Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about a Justice League movie!