The most important part of the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier isn’t who’s in it or what the story is. Pretty sure anyone that knows anything about Marvel Comics knows this movie is about the return of Bucky Barnes. I guess he’s not dead. That’s not the important part. What we need to see is the concept art! Yes!

I’m kidding. Sort of. But the concept art for Cap, Falcon, and Winter Soldier are really good. The latest renditions of these costumes are, I believe, their best yet. Captain America’s is a variation of the “Steve Rodgers Super Soldier” costume, while Winter Soldier’s looks more of a modernized version of his uniform. Falcon’s costume is almost completely different. His wings look to be synthetic, with his actual costume is modeled after paramilitary. Take a look at these and tell me what you think. captainamericawintersoldier_fbufalconcaptainamericawintersoldier_fbucapvswintersoldier_fbu

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