Krypton was a thriving planet. Technologically more advanced than any known world in the universe. Even though Krypton held the most advanced scientific minds in the universe, only Jor-El saw the demise that was falling upon them. Knowing this day would come for some time, he had crafted a vessel to save his and his wife Laura-El’s young son Kal-El, with Laura’s unsettling approval. Worried that her son may meet the same demise on another planet, Jor-El assured his wife that he had set the coordinance to a world where their son will not only thrive, but his genetic make up would be far more superior than any other being on that planet and would be subject to become great. So in it’s final moment, with Krypton falling around them, a mother and father kiss their son goodbye for the last time, sending him off hoping he would live a productive life, while they made the ultimate sacrafice.

Jonathan and Martha Kent were on their way home and noticed something that looked like an accident. As they stopped to help, they see a baby, unharmed, wrapped in a red blanket, and lying in what they believed to be a rocket ship. Rather than turning the boy over, the young couple decided to adopt him and named him Clark.


As Clark got older, his powers began to manifest. His parents noticed from a far, and after Clark learned he could fly, they told him the truth, that they knew he was not of this world. They were afraid, he was afraid, and they decided that it was best for Clark that he kept his powers a secret, and that if he used his powers, it was for the greatest of circumstances. Clark agreed. In many retellings of Superman’s origin, Clark began to “moonlight” as Super-Boy before moving to Metropolis, and others have him becoming Superman as an adult.

Clark Kent moved to Metropolis and became a journalist at The Daily Planet. Hired by Editor In Chief Perry White, he was paired with star reporter Lois Lane and freelance photographer Jimmy Olsen. On many occasions, Lois caught herself in peril, being saved by Superman time and time again. She became Superman’s unofficial public relations manager.

From Lex Luthor to Brainiac to Doomsday, Superman has saved Metropolis and the world many times over. Through his stories he has been the embodiment of truth, justice, and the American way.

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