I was online reading a lot of reviews for the upcoming Man Of Steel movie and wondering what I could do to get my own review of the movie up. There are a lot of bias and unbiased reviews out where a lot of them don’t really trash the movie, but don’t really praise it. Some were worried about what the casual fan would think about the movie seeing as the “casual” fan doesn’t truly care, just as long as the movie is great. Whereas the “Fanboy (or girl) that follows comics and the superhero genre altogether would have to compromise on a story that may be a little off from the original Superman story line.

Well, I can say this…..I’ll be able to give you my take on the movie because my son just gave me the Ultimate Father’s Day gift! we’ll be going to the early premiere of Man Of Steel! I haven’t stopped smiling yet! Thumba_2013-06-12_21-14-10_jpg

Love you son! I’ll let you guys know how good (or bad, but I highly doubt it) the movie is in my official review right after the movie. I love me son. You should love him too.

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