brucewayne_fbuBusinessman, billionaire, playboy, adolescent boy feeding himself off a trust-fund set up by his parents is how many would describe Bruce Wayne’s daytime persona. But what many don’t know is that the irresponsible prima donna is Gotham’s own protector, Batman.

Traumatizing events at a young age can define a person for the rest of their lives. At least that’s what happened to a young Bruce Wayne when his parents were brutally murdered right in front of him.

Thomas and Martha Wayne were out on a family date night with their son Bruce, when they were approached by a dark figure in an alley while leaving the theater. In what looked like a robbery attempt, the dark figure gunned down the elder Waynes right in front of their son. Now orphaned, Bruce would be in the care of the family butler, Alfred Pennyworth.


Bruce always wanted to be a cop. So when the tragic event took his family away from him, he vowed to rid Gotham City of crime. When he turned 14, he began traveling the world training his body, mentally and physically, to peak perfection. He learned different forms of detection and martial arts from some of the world’s finest masters and teachers.

After returning home from his academic and physical maturation, Bruce, now 20 years old, decides to join the FBI. But once learning the restrictions of the legal system, he decides that it was impossible to clean up Gotham in the manor that would be effective in his eyes.

Once at home Bruce,  a little dejected, sitting in a chair was wondering to himself about what he could do to strike fear into the underworld of Gotham. At that moment, the thing that Bruce feared the most came crashing through a window in his manor…..a bat.

Using experimental technology, Bruce decided to build his costume: a scalloped hemmed cape, a cowl that covers most of his face, and the symbol of a bat in the middle of his chest piece, Bruce became Gotham’s protector. He became The Batman.

batman5_fbuAs Batman’s legend quickly grew throughout Gotham’s underworld, he was also catching the attention of the GCPD. Detective James Gordon caught word of this mysterious “bat man” and decided to investigate. While investigating Batman, he would come to realize that Batman was more of an ally than a criminal, albeit being a vigilante. They needed a way to communicate, and thus the bat signal was born.

Now, Gotham’s “Dark Knight” makes the safety of the city his responsibility. With the uprising of “super villains” like The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Penguin, and others trying to take over Gotham, Batman’s job is never finished and he must strike the fear into the criminal underworld to rid them of their existence once and for all.

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