Man Of Steel Has Its Batman: Ben Affleck

I know……..I know. Well actually I DON’T know.

The upcoming sequel to the hit movie Man Of Steel will in fact feature Batman is slated to hit theaters in 2015 and has everyone on their heels and at the edge of their seats with anticipation, waiting on what is to be one of the greatest super hero team up movies in history. No matter what movie came before it or what movie comes after, a movie featuring two of the most iconic figures in history, not just comics, but in all of history……..there’s almost not a screen big enough to hold that much awesomeness. I could only imagine what it felt like in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con when the Batman-Superman logo came onto the screen. Crowd roaring. People literally losing their minds then with anticipation. Coming off a not too surprising showing in theaters with Man Of Steel, the only thing that hasn’t been done is this.

8_23_2013 5_23_16 AM_jpg

Then Warner Bros. went and killed any hope of anticipation for the movie when they decided to give the iconic role of Batman to Ben Affleck. When this was announced it was received the same way. Crowds roaring. People literally losing their minds. Not with anticipation, but with disbelief mixed in with about an ounce if irritation, and a little bit of rage.

Obviously director Zack Snyder didn’t see Daredevil.

Don’t get me wrong, Ben Affleck is a good actor. He’s been apart of some great movies. He’s a good writer. One thing he’s not……Bruce Wayne.

I don’t want to go into the Daredevil movie because I don’t want to demean him or the movie, but I will say it could have been a lot better, which is a good reason I’d like to see a reboot of the movie made with someone that would do Matt Murdock some justice. But this……this monstrocity of a casting, feels a lot like George Clooney’s version of Batman, instead of going with a more modern, less cartoon-ish Batman, like Chris Nolen’s version portrayed by Christian Bale.

In the 90’s versions of Batman, post Michael Keaton, the movies were saved by soft rock bands versions of title songs and actors who were “hot” (meaning actors who were at the time being sought after for EVERY movie) at the time and focused more on selling merchandise than actually selling the movie.I believe more money was made off soundtrack sales than actually ticket sales. I hate to admit it, but this whole Affleck being Batman thing has that same kind of feel to it. The worst part is, he isn’t marketable as the Bat. No one and I mean no one looks at him and thinks “Oh he’d be perfect as Bruce Wayne”. Not only that, but his last super hero performance help generate the equally bad movie Elektra as a spin off from Daredevil, and ruin any chance of her returning as a character in a super hero film (even though I believe Jennifer Garner would have made a decent Jean Grey in the X-Men trilogy).

Maybe I’m wrong about this. Hopefully I am. I was wrong about Henry Cavill when I heard he was going to play Superman. I believe the recreated origin story saved that movie and I’m sure there will be hours of footage an extra scenes that were left out of the movie available when the Blu Ray/DVD/3D/Ultraviolet/Digital Copy/Digital Comic and whatever else that comes with it upon its release. But I’m crossing my fingers that Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder knows what they’re doing and that with Ben Affleck, they won’t f___ this up.
What do you think about Ben Affleck becoming Zack Snyder’s Batman? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

Justice League Movie – Does DC Even Need One?

An accident waiting to happen.
If there were any other justifiable analogy to go with the supposed upcoming Justice League Movie it would have to be this one. I’ve tried to research the films. The characters. The television shows. Even the comics. Everything has evolved so much within the last two years, or as recently as the latest Batman movie franchise that a Justice League movie in the making right now just doesn’t make sense. I mean, DC Comics has just released another origin story for the Superman character and didn’t just kill Batman, they nuked him with an Atom bomb. Not too many people without some kind of regenative super power comes back. Even though for the new Batman/Superman movie Warner Bros. is reportedly offering Christian Bale $60 million to reprise the role of the Batman.

That my friend(s) in my opinion is bad for business.

With the Justice League in a cinematic format, the characters would have to have time to be originated into the universe of characters to build some kind of fan base to come see a film that have a lot of high profile characters with no cinematic origin story. That alone could doom the movie. Add in to the fact that with DC’s New 52 era of their character franchises, they’ve added in new origin stories for most of their mainstream characters with the release of the #0 issues in the middle of their respected series just to introduce their characters’ new origins. Now, DC has to plan on introducing another variation of the origins just to introduce the Justice League, unless they plan to introduce the characters already established into the league. Without that, you get Superman, Batman (after having just been blown up), and Green Lantern. The success of the CW series Arrow could resonate a rendition of the character Green Arrow (would they call him Green Arrow or just Arrow? Who knows).

I don’t believe DC or the film makers in Hollywood should rush to make a Justice League movie or make one at all just because they feel like one could succeed based off the success of Marvel’s The Avengers. Their model for an ultimate team up style movie was years in the making, and did more than add a poster or an Easter egg to include other characters within the Marvel Universe and incorporate them in to their movies.

What do you think about a Justice League movie? Do you believe DC Comics needs to make one? Would you go see one if there was one made? Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about a Justice League movie!

Comic Characters That Need Some Big and Small Screen Time

Disclaimer: The views in this article/ blog post are mine and mine only and do not represent any producer/other writer/director/creator of any character expressed in this article. These are my views.

There have been a lot of movies being remade or rebooted for many reasons known and unknown – a writer and/or director get a new vision, the comic does a reboot of  a character generates more readers and sales go up, or the first movie or movie series that was put out before was just plain bad. A lot of visionaries see the comic book universe and see the future of said universes or characters and make their own version of it. Not because they want to change it, most just want it to relate to where society is today.

A lot of movies have already been leaked to have a movie or some kind of project in the making already, but unfortunately they’re already bought by companies that have other projects that are already being released or putting money into other projects and leaving the shelved projects on the shelf collecting dust and in limbo, instead of on a production table having plans to move forward. I know there are fans out there that would love to see certain movies rebooted with some of today’s cinematography and have already voiced there opinions on who should play these characters. So why should I be left out?

I’ve compiled a list of characters that have had movies and/or television series made in the past and could use a revamp. I’ve also added a few characters that should have one or the other because of fan popularity, or just because it would be badass to see them on the big and small screens.

 Daredevil: Movie

manwithoutfear_fbuWith the success of the recent Batman trilogy directed by Chris Nolan a lot of production companies are using the realism and grittiness to not only use this as the blueprint for super hero movies, but to make them more relateable to society. The only difference between Daredevil and Batman, well besides Daredevil’s super senses and Batman’s money and resources….ok there’s actually a lot of differences. But what they have in common is that they both had to put in more work to get to the level they got to.

A reboot of the debacle that was the 2003 film to most Fanboys – and girls – that saw the movie is a long time coming. Well, maybe debacle is too harsh of a word. I mean it did produce a mediocre and equally uninspiring spin-off movie Elektra, starring Jennifer Garner. Not saying Daredevil was a complete travesty, just saying it could have been done a lot better. Now it can be done better. A lot of actors (not really fit for the part mind you) have spoken out and said they wanted to be apart of a film as Daredevil, so that shows that it’s not only Fanboys – and girls – that want to see this movie remade and remade right, but the general public wants to see a movie redone.

The Flash: Movie

theflash_fbuApparently I’m already late on this one. The creators and writers from the CW’s hit show Arrow have already announced that there is a Flash series in the making and that Barry Allen will have several appearances in season two of Arrow. The Flash’s appearances will have more of an origin story feel to it/him instead of the two working side by side, unlike the “Justice League-esque” feel the characters had on the show Smallville. The new Flash series, however, will not have a Smallville feel (instead of Clark becoming Superman from the beginning he began his super hero career as “The Blur”), he will in fact be The Flash. Costume and all. I had a talk with my lady about this and as I was ecstatic about The Flash being on TV, she said something that made sense. We were having a discussion about it and she says, “Some heroes have a lot of substance, and their biggest roles have the greatest impact comes when they make appearances instead of being the lead in their own story.” That made perfect sense. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about The Flash as an ongoing television season, I don’t see it working in the long term. Even if the creators and writers decide to do just as a launching point for his character to what has become the grueling task of making the Justice League movie, I just don’t see it working. Having him make two or three appearances in different shows and movies would be excellent for The Flash. I believe in a Flash movie. A TV show, not so much.  

Nightwing: TV Show
nightwing_dcSome things just make too much sense. Where “The Dark Knight Rises” ended, there should have been a Robin or Nightwing type project in waiting. Which I’m sure there is, but a really nice one. The inception of the John Blake character was perfect in the movie. The ending of TDKR was a perfect beginning for his story as Gotham or Bludhaven’s next hero. Instead, this has gone into “creation purgatory” and will probably be in a file on someone’s zip drive until Batman is brought to the small screen.

The story of Nightwing would be perfect for television. Dick Grayson’s story could be shown without showing a lot of The Bat and still introduce a lot of characters from the Batman Universe that don’t get a lot of publicity in general society. Everyone knows about Robin. Not a lot know about Nightwing. So many team ups could happen. So many back stories could be introduced. And the best way to get Batman to the small screen would be through this show. So many possibilities for DC to basically make the CW the most watched Network on television could be done through this show. Plus it would just be cool to see Nightwing on TV. Way over due.

Anita Blake: TV Show

anitablakevampirehunter_fbuVampire Hunter. Necromancer. Anita Blake already has a following, and with the success of Charlene Harrison’s success with her Sookie Stackhouse stories that turned into the mega hit show True Blood, a story about a female protagonist that’s a vampire hunter would draw in even more viewers, should True Blood ever go off the air. Which I hope to be really soon.

The story of Anita Blake could be made for TV or the big screen and be successful either way. The vampire-zombie genre is only on the rise and her world covers both and last time I checked most vampire and zombie films and television shows do very well within the general public. She works as a police detective in it’s own special unit, which brings in a Cold Case, CSI type element to her story and could help keep each episode fresh in the mind of the viewers of the show. My guess is this will never happen, but definitely could be a very watch.

Young Avengers: TV Show


The original or Volume One of the Young Avengers empathizes with today’s social issues. Y.A. incorporates young teenage heroes, some with abilities and some without, into a society that is beginning to embrace the super hero movement in New York City. This group tackles certain social issues such as diversity,homosexuality, even interracial dating and for the general public to see these types of issues being brought to everyone’s attention on television every week, a show like this could be very educational while being very entertaining.

The Young Avengers story also shows the realism of how a real teenager would handle themselves being new heroes and balancing school, jobs, fighting super villains, and well, just being a teenager. From their very first encounter where they were needed the Young Avengers’ inexperience and immaturity were exposed, making them understand that there was more to being a hero than just putting on costumes. From their beginning to their end, their stories were entertaining and educational and adding more diversity to the Marvel Universe. A show based on Patriot, Iron Lad, Hawkeye, Wiccan, Hulkling, Stature, Speed, and The Vision would be awesome to see. With the direction Marvel is taking with it’s new show S.H.I.E.L.D., this would be the perfect time to incorporate these characters into the mainstream of the Marvel Universe and expand their characters deeper into prime time television.

Why Red Hood Should Be DC’s Next Big Project

redhood5_fbu (1)The man dubbed as “Batman’s greatest failure”, Jason Todd took a while to find himself. Once Batman’s Robin, Jason was set up by his birth mother and the Joker and was killed in a warehouse after hours of torture and a fatal explosion. Brought back to life by Ra’s Al Ghul’s “Lazarus Pit” while Al Ghul was in it, Jason became insane with rage, vengence, and hate towards Batman and everyone that knew or was affiliated with him.

Jason was a delicate soul. Troubled childhood that led to boys’ homes, he was taken under Batman’s wing (no pun intended) and shown the ropes of not just becoming a hero, but a symbol. Although he became the new Robin, Batman’s first sidekick, Richard “Dick” Grayson, now calling himself Nightwing, set the bar pretty high for any successor. Jason was up for the challenge. Not to be as good, but better than Grayson ever was.

After his resurrection, Jason found out that Batman never avenged his death and Joker was still alive running free. Jason ironically took on Joker’s past persona, the Red Hood, and became a crime lord, taking over gangs in Gotham. In all reality, he did this just to piss off Batman and to find the Joker faster. More to piss off Batman if you ask me.
Red Hood ends up finding the Joker and kidnaps him. He “persuaded” Batman to meet him at a location, with Batman not knowing he had Joker there as a hostage. As he confronted Batman as the Red Hood, Jason takes off his mask revealing himself and giving Batman an ultimatum. He goes into his disappointment and how he was discouraged that Batman never avenged his death and let Joker live. Batman explained that he could never cross that line, but did admit that he had fantasized about kidnapping Joker, taking him to an abandoned warehouse and torturing him for weeks until he finally died. But he told Jason that it would be too easy for him to do and that true strength came from restraint. Jason tosses Batman a gun gave him a choice: kill Joker or kill him because he was going to kill Joker. Batman threw a batarang at Jason that dislodges the gun from his hands and then Joker detonates some bombs he had planted and they fall into the harbor. Batman looked for Jason but was unsuccessful.

redhoodandtheoutlaws_dc (1)

Red Hood has gone through a lot of changes and made many strides through the years. He’s gone from an enemy to Batman to now, being apart of the Bat-family. Leading his team of “outlaws” that comprises of Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, and Starfire, who gave him his jacket for his new costume. After everything that Jason Todd has been through, I feel like, now that he’s a good guy or an “anti-hero”, that he should have some spotlight on him a little bit more.

Not all heroes use vigilante justice. Red Hood still uses an array of weapons, mainly two automatic pistols. He doesn’t intend to kill, but has still used deadly force during a few of his missions with The Outlaws. With his skill set, I think not only can Red Hood be a great character, but a profitable one.

A Few Ways To Put On The ‘Hood (you like how I did that!)

Red Hood Comic Series:


Although there was a six issue limited series titled ‘Red Hood: The Lost Days”, this in my opinion is waaaaaaay past due. A Red Hood ongoing series would be great for DC Comics, especially the Batman line. With the Robin situation still in a little bit shaky (R.I.P. Damian Wayne), Jason could team up with Bruce on a few missions and learn a few things from his old mentor and “father figure” just like in the old days. The lessons Jason would learn could be vital to his career as a hero and keep mending bridges he burned with Bruce. I believe team ups with Nightwing would be reluctant, at the same time being very action packed and interesting, seeing as how they have a “sibling rivalry” going on so to speak. I think Red Hood as a main character would have the same success as the Batgirl series and be more likable than the Red Robin’s short-lived series.

Red Hood Television Series:

There could be a lot of success with a television series with Red Hood as the lead. The only problem I believe would be with establishing the character to the audience without it taking four or five episodes or even living through flashbacks the whole season, a la the series based on the character Green Arrow simply titled Arrow for the CW. Although it works for the Oliver Queen character, Jason Todd’s back story is a bit more in depth that Queen’s and would take time for the general audience to catch up to. I believe after everything was up to speed with the character it would be an unbelievable show. Always action packed. Always unpredictable. Everything you would want in a television series.

Red Hood Movie:

Probably the hardest to do with there not being anything established with Dick Grayson’s character yet. I’m not sure that the idea with Red Hood as a main character would appeal to the general audience or even dedicated Fanboys (and girls), but to have an appearance or even the hint of an appearance of Red Hood in a Batman movie would have people ecstatic to see it. Maybe even launch an idea of a Batman Incorporated movie and have him in the group with Nighwing, Batgirl, Red Robin, and Batwing. Sounds pretty cool.

redhood4_fbu (1)

What do you think about Red Hood having his own ongoing series? Movie? Television show? Would you be interested if any of this came to fruition? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Super Hero Spotlight Of The Week: Batman

brucewayne_fbuBusinessman, billionaire, playboy, adolescent boy feeding himself off a trust-fund set up by his parents is how many would describe Bruce Wayne’s daytime persona. But what many don’t know is that the irresponsible prima donna is Gotham’s own protector, Batman.

Traumatizing events at a young age can define a person for the rest of their lives. At least that’s what happened to a young Bruce Wayne when his parents were brutally murdered right in front of him.

Thomas and Martha Wayne were out on a family date night with their son Bruce, when they were approached by a dark figure in an alley while leaving the theater. In what looked like a robbery attempt, the dark figure gunned down the elder Waynes right in front of their son. Now orphaned, Bruce would be in the care of the family butler, Alfred Pennyworth.


Bruce always wanted to be a cop. So when the tragic event took his family away from him, he vowed to rid Gotham City of crime. When he turned 14, he began traveling the world training his body, mentally and physically, to peak perfection. He learned different forms of detection and martial arts from some of the world’s finest masters and teachers.

After returning home from his academic and physical maturation, Bruce, now 20 years old, decides to join the FBI. But once learning the restrictions of the legal system, he decides that it was impossible to clean up Gotham in the manor that would be effective in his eyes.

Once at home Bruce,  a little dejected, sitting in a chair was wondering to himself about what he could do to strike fear into the underworld of Gotham. At that moment, the thing that Bruce feared the most came crashing through a window in his manor…..a bat.

Using experimental technology, Bruce decided to build his costume: a scalloped hemmed cape, a cowl that covers most of his face, and the symbol of a bat in the middle of his chest piece, Bruce became Gotham’s protector. He became The Batman.

batman5_fbuAs Batman’s legend quickly grew throughout Gotham’s underworld, he was also catching the attention of the GCPD. Detective James Gordon caught word of this mysterious “bat man” and decided to investigate. While investigating Batman, he would come to realize that Batman was more of an ally than a criminal, albeit being a vigilante. They needed a way to communicate, and thus the bat signal was born.

Now, Gotham’s “Dark Knight” makes the safety of the city his responsibility. With the uprising of “super villains” like The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Penguin, and others trying to take over Gotham, Batman’s job is never finished and he must strike the fear into the criminal underworld to rid them of their existence once and for all.