redhood5_fbu (1)The man dubbed as “Batman’s greatest failure”, Jason Todd took a while to find himself. Once Batman’s Robin, Jason was set up by his birth mother and the Joker and was killed in a warehouse after hours of torture and a fatal explosion. Brought back to life by Ra’s Al Ghul’s “Lazarus Pit” while Al Ghul was in it, Jason became insane with rage, vengence, and hate towards Batman and everyone that knew or was affiliated with him.

Jason was a delicate soul. Troubled childhood that led to boys’ homes, he was taken under Batman’s wing (no pun intended) and shown the ropes of not just becoming a hero, but a symbol. Although he became the new Robin, Batman’s first sidekick, Richard “Dick” Grayson, now calling himself Nightwing, set the bar pretty high for any successor. Jason was up for the challenge. Not to be as good, but better than Grayson ever was.

After his resurrection, Jason found out that Batman never avenged his death and Joker was still alive running free. Jason ironically took on Joker’s past persona, the Red Hood, and became a crime lord, taking over gangs in Gotham. In all reality, he did this just to piss off Batman and to find the Joker faster. More to piss off Batman if you ask me.
Red Hood ends up finding the Joker and kidnaps him. He “persuaded” Batman to meet him at a location, with Batman not knowing he had Joker there as a hostage. As he confronted Batman as the Red Hood, Jason takes off his mask revealing himself and giving Batman an ultimatum. He goes into his disappointment and how he was discouraged that Batman never avenged his death and let Joker live. Batman explained that he could never cross that line, but did admit that he had fantasized about kidnapping Joker, taking him to an abandoned warehouse and torturing him for weeks until he finally died. But he told Jason that it would be too easy for him to do and that true strength came from restraint. Jason tosses Batman a gun gave him a choice: kill Joker or kill him because he was going to kill Joker. Batman threw a batarang at Jason that dislodges the gun from his hands and then Joker detonates some bombs he had planted and they fall into the harbor. Batman looked for Jason but was unsuccessful.

redhoodandtheoutlaws_dc (1)

Red Hood has gone through a lot of changes and made many strides through the years. He’s gone from an enemy to Batman to now, being apart of the Bat-family. Leading his team of “outlaws” that comprises of Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, and Starfire, who gave him his jacket for his new costume. After everything that Jason Todd has been through, I feel like, now that he’s a good guy or an “anti-hero”, that he should have some spotlight on him a little bit more.

Not all heroes use vigilante justice. Red Hood still uses an array of weapons, mainly two automatic pistols. He doesn’t intend to kill, but has still used deadly force during a few of his missions with The Outlaws. With his skill set, I think not only can Red Hood be a great character, but a profitable one.

A Few Ways To Put On The ‘Hood (you like how I did that!)

Red Hood Comic Series:


Although there was a six issue limited series titled ‘Red Hood: The Lost Days”, this in my opinion is waaaaaaay past due. A Red Hood ongoing series would be great for DC Comics, especially the Batman line. With the Robin situation still in a little bit shaky (R.I.P. Damian Wayne), Jason could team up with Bruce on a few missions and learn a few things from his old mentor and “father figure” just like in the old days. The lessons Jason would learn could be vital to his career as a hero and keep mending bridges he burned with Bruce. I believe team ups with Nightwing would be reluctant, at the same time being very action packed and interesting, seeing as how they have a “sibling rivalry” going on so to speak. I think Red Hood as a main character would have the same success as the Batgirl series and be more likable than the Red Robin’s short-lived series.

Red Hood Television Series:

There could be a lot of success with a television series with Red Hood as the lead. The only problem I believe would be with establishing the character to the audience without it taking four or five episodes or even living through flashbacks the whole season, a la the series based on the character Green Arrow simply titled Arrow for the CW. Although it works for the Oliver Queen character, Jason Todd’s back story is a bit more in depth that Queen’s and would take time for the general audience to catch up to. I believe after everything was up to speed with the character it would be an unbelievable show. Always action packed. Always unpredictable. Everything you would want in a television series.

Red Hood Movie:

Probably the hardest to do with there not being anything established with Dick Grayson’s character yet. I’m not sure that the idea with Red Hood as a main character would appeal to the general audience or even dedicated Fanboys (and girls), but to have an appearance or even the hint of an appearance of Red Hood in a Batman movie would have people ecstatic to see it. Maybe even launch an idea of a Batman Incorporated movie and have him in the group with Nighwing, Batgirl, Red Robin, and Batwing. Sounds pretty cool.

redhood4_fbu (1)

What do you think about Red Hood having his own ongoing series? Movie? Television show? Would you be interested if any of this came to fruition? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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